Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I can't do titles right now

This initial post is in existance due to several threatening emails and phone calls from my serially snacking friend umi. There will be no pictures: as that is a little too technologically advanced for me right now and for some reason I cannot seem to get it together to put batteries in my damn camera.
Minutes after Waul Pu picked me up in his phat new ride, I learned that band practice has been canceled due to a verizon man ripping something apart in Matty-J's apartment. Admitidly, this is mildly disapointing...not that I was incredibly excited to sightread some minimalist music...but the extra hour or so of sleep would have been nice. Regardless, Pu and I went to Pete's Grill, Baltimore's finest ghetto breakfast establishment to put another delicious nail in the coffin of my diet. grr.....


Blogger McMeaty said...

wo0t! this is fantastic news!

please take me to pete's grill.

please play me minimalist music.

please show me dancing babies.

3:26 PM  
Blogger umi said...

well...for the record....that wasn't actually mcmeaty....that was actually umislo posting there...sorry

3:27 PM  

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