Monday, May 15, 2006

Adventures in Pittsburgh

My brother graduated from his program in Pittsburgh this weekend. This was a 9 week program to train bright young people for positions of leadership in the realm of public policy. Since I play guitar, I don't completely understand what public policy is, but I do know that on this program my brother was "hired" as a consultant for a non-profit corporation, a for profit corporation, a political campaign, and a newspaper. Anyhoo, we are all quite proud of him, and look forward to his impending employment.

The Boy's fellow graduates gallivanted late into the evening... there was table dancing (no babies though).

We also got experience some of Pittsburgh's eccentricities:

Yes, this is a church that has been converted into a brewery....very weird but also delicious. (See how confused and amazed Mrs. Zoe is...)


Blogger umi said...

you mean he is going to get a job? wtf? we don't work, do we? (and yes...aetheists love drinking heavily inside churches.)

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the proper terminology is dazed and confuzed (led zep - late 60's) - altough mrs zoe is amazing and often very confusing from mr c. my first zoe blog

7:29 PM  

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