Monday, October 22, 2007

The Road To Wellville, day 1

After an emotional meltdown last night brought on by demons in Bach, my guitar, and my DMA auditions I realize that I need to start investing more in my well being. Unfortunately for you all, I feel the need to document my baby-stepping in public. When googling myself recently I came across a blog of a former student who complimented me(aww...) stating my belief that he would learn how to sight read by playing just a little every day would bear results. Three years later he still plays 20 minutes a day and loves it. If I can inspire a 64 year old retiree to begin his studies in music, why haven't I been able to really stick to an exercise or scale-playing regimen? My current habits are not working for me; my lack of exercise leaves me flabby and low, my choice to play scrabble instead of guitar leads me to be even more depressed about my playing AND teaching ability, and a 28 year old home-owner should not be throwing her clothes on the floor like a teen-ager. These are simple things that should be possible do achieve. I plan on posting my daily accomplishments in the field of self improvement for 21 days. I would love to lose 15 pounds (which won't happen in 21 days, but thats ok), have the entire PFA memorized, (which absolutely should happen in 21 days), and create some better habits for maintaining the house. Feel free to skip ahead to when I get around to posting pictures of trips things I cook again.



Anonymous benny said...

If I did half the things I told my students to do I would be an international concert artist. Unfortunately school/life/god hates me intervenes. But here's to your most recent quest, and I shall try to do the same. Without documenting in a blog. Maybe I'll just make comments on yours to keep people up to date.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

i support you. i commend you. i should be doing it with you. (that sounds sort of know.)


9:54 PM  
Blogger Tenly said...

Wow, I have been so obsessed w/Facebook that I forgot to check people's blogs. Now your status updates make much more sense. What's PFA? Well, good luck. Did I tell you that in preparation for my last orchestral audition, I unplugged my TV the month prior? It changed my life. Namely, I found more ways to waste time online; but I also found more time to practice and such. I have been watching much less TV now, even though the audition has long since passed and it is plugged back in. I think I rediscovered my love of NPR and that has helped me break the habit.

11:42 PM  

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