Monday, February 11, 2008

What began my terrible mood this morning is still a mystery. I got furious at my helpless dog when she wouldn't heel on her walk, I had a meltdown when my computer went gray and wouldn't restart (its fine now), and am still angrily contemplating several life and career choices. I attempted to channel my rage into cleaning the downstairs; whether it was because of the soothing sounds of "the count of monte cristo" on audiobook, or my shiny and vaccuumed floors, or the fact that I got to record my weight loss again this week (13.5 pounds gone!), I feel slightly better. I will return from my long, and rather futile trip to annapolis and play a 9 pm game of racquetball with my man-friend. Physical activity will both allow me to sleep well and relax, and perhaps AJS and I will enjoy some tree hugging food and drink at One World.


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