Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There's a chicken in our refrigerator, waiting quietly to fulfill its delicious roasted destiny. This is significant for several reasons. One being a desire on my part to make and eat delicious healthy meals, (but I've promised myself to not whine about my weight-loss struggles on this blog, so enough about that) and the other being that my husband is kinda eating meat now. He got tired of leaving himself out of special meals and not ordering what he wants in restaurants (I'm sure it was easier being a vegetarian as a single guy living off your microwave and whole foods burritos). We also read this book:

Among other points, it talks about how consuming meat in moderation(as a garnish) and staying away from processed foods is better for you and the planet. Nothing too shocking there, but a reminder accompanied by recipes from a real chef certainly help me follow through on good advice.


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