Wednesday, August 02, 2006

4th of July (rather late)

Due to computer issues, travelling, and the lack of air conditioning in my office I have been unable to post. All of those issues, thankfully have been resolved, and I am back to sharing the intimate details of my fabulous life. I have to backpedal to the beginning of last month, (yes, I know its pathetic) with the second bbq of 3830's history. The fam arrived that morning; but the guest list was small; esides Trackey, Courtney and her new woman, and the ever faithful Pukikos everyone else seemed to be somewhere other than b-more. But much food was consumed by all:

which tired most of us out:

After pork roasts/ horesraddish, corn, bean salad, and far too much beer we decided that the only thing we could do to properly celebrate the birth of our nation was play SORRY.
I will allow the reader to construct his or her timeline of events:


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