Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True to the name of this blog, I begin a new adventure in babydancing by officially becoming a Music Together Center Director. No longer do I have to deal with obnoxious Ukrainian ho-beasts or cheap, anal-retentive directors who secretly hate children. I work for myself. I do all the marketing, I buy all the instruments, I schedule all the make-ups and I keep every cent I make. Of course the plan is to start small; I want one class on Saturdays at the Red Canoe for six weeks, and then one week-day in the fall. I can see how things progress at the Prep...if they ever seem interested in hiring me full time I suppose I'd want to do that. Or maybe not. There is no doubt that If this were to take off it would be more profitable to buy my own damn insurance and stay part time...but the sweet convenience of having benefits from a job was so lovely. Only time will tell.


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