Tuesday, March 27, 2007

another post

Much to discuss. I have avoided blogging for a while, due to schedule adjustment and other things. I want to have an exciting, frequently updated blog that people look forward to reading...stressful.

Spring is arriving in b-more. My daffodills in the front yard are starting to bloom, we had a lovely 70+ degree day,the ice cream man has been driving down the street, the dog is shedding like crazy, and the 2nd annual "great" friday party is being planned. Since technically, I work for the United Methodist Church I have Good Friday off, which I have been looking forward to for WEEKS. Johnstones are coming down to celebrate Easter with Aunt Mary and Uncle David in DC, so hopefully I can tear my mother away from kayaking in the chesapeake to drink beer with random musicians. After all, no one parties like my family.


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