Friday, October 26, 2007


Now on my fifth day I can say that I am utterly exhausted. The incessant rainy weather has dampened my spirits somewhat, and also made it hard to get out of bed this morning. Or rather, the gray skies AND a morning-after sense of poopiness brought on by drinks at the Owl Bar prevented me from jumping out of bed. I made it though, and managed to play guitar, racquetball (by myself again), and the elliptical machine. I also taught my guitar class which is comprised of two grown women and three teen-age boys that have a problem not talking every single minute they aren’t strumming in a group. It’s a good class though, and I’m hoping to get some private students out of it and make real money.

According to the forecast, it is supposed to rain again. In my imagination I can see the wood on my very old roof rotting away with each drop…maybe my next baby step should be summoning the courage to go into the attic.


Anonymous benny said...

Zed you inspire me. As for Bravo, this is why I consider it an evil black box. Burn it. Disassemble it as a scientific project with your boy and dog. Turn it into an experimental musical instrument to play for the old folks at home. And keep going to the gym for me. I feel better already.

1:04 PM  

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