Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I feel a slight paralysis at the moment...its so easy to sit on my ass and waste time on the Internet and so hard to get into gear and do what I have to. I wish I could be more consistent with these matters. I have a lot of cleaning to accomplish, I have paperwork to file, and I have work to do on both Music Together stuff and my website. I also have to practice and exercise. And read "History Boys" before Friday evening. Isn't it funny how almost every single blog entry I have is about this? The fact of the matter is, when I get desperate, I whine about my procrastination on the Internet and hope my friends and family who choose to read this are secretly holding me accountable somewhere in cyberspace. You all are, aren't you? Lucky for me, the new podcast of "This American Life" has just been delivered to my itunes. Here I go...


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