Friday, May 02, 2008

Today, May 2nd is our future anniversary. It was an absolutely perfect day in B-more, a great contrast to the worrisome rain and cloudiness that occurred this past week. I am doing a little sun-dance in preparation for the weather a year from today (that our beautiful outdoor ceremony won't be rained out), and spending many hours looking at wedding dresses online (but naturally, not yet making an appointment to try anything on). I obsess about the wedding WAY more than I thought I would. Oh well. It will only happen once...

I will be meeting Andrew tonight at Grand Cru (pictured above), our slightly fabulous b-more wine bar after he is finished with his penultimate Peabody Renaissance Ensemble Concert. Currently, there are many aspects to my life that provide me with happiness and confidence. I secretly enjoy counting them one by one in my head and wonder how I deserved all of this.


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