Friday, October 03, 2008

aaauugghh!! I just realized today that there are only 7 months left before the wedding! There is so much shit I have to organize its making my head spin. First, the save-the-dates. After more consultation with AJS than I originally planned, we agreed to send postcards: cheap postage, cheap printing, and custom options.

These are what I've come up with.

postcard A

postcard B

postcard C

If anyone out there has strong opinions about these fabulous designs and/or my fabulous design ability, I encourage you to share. But, these babies are going to print soon!

My other accomplishment is creating the wedding website. That will be a larger task than these silly postcards as I need photos of the bridal party, information about hotels, and to organize the martini poll. (more on that to come)


Blogger Alexis said...

(i can't see the postcards. also, i want to buy that gocco, young lady.)

6:27 PM  

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