Saturday, July 19, 2008

I pledge to have an awesome weekend no matter how irritating my students, day job, or the hot weather is. We went to Baltimore Artscape last night. I was slightly concerned about walking around on my still sore but cast-free right foot that was broken two weeks before (I wish there was some way to post my x-rays for emi and any other medically inclined buddies, but alas, I cannot load them on my computer) but it turned out to be just fine. I bought myself a necklace for my birthday, we drank a beer, saw strange and marvelous exhibits, managed to not be tempted by strange and marvelous fair food, and I was even persuaded to ride the ferris wheel. That ride seems so innocuous from the ground, but for those of us who fear heights, the car gently waving in the breeze when you're stuck on top is pretty terrifying. We proceeded to have sushi at XS and crepes at Sofi's. Tonight is "Dark Knight". Sunday is recording with the band and subsequent Barbecue. Monday is more whining children, useless partner teachers, and stressful arts & crafts projects.


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