Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today was my second day as the Pre-K teacher at the Levine Summer Day Camp. This is a baby-dancing adventure unlike any I have had before. There are art projects, potty time, story time, music time, outside time, snack time, etc.... While it has its lovely moments, I'm beginning to regret my decision of turning down the guitar job in favor of Pre-K. For example, today, I escorted a sobbing 5 year old child who had diarrhea in his pants to the mens room, where I used every suggestion in my power to get him to calm down and clean himself off. This was the 2nd "accident" the child had that day and didn't have a change of clothes that is brought to camp. I was doing my best not to gag, when I finally gave up and ran to get the more experienced teacher to handle the situation appropriately. Thankfully, the child was cleaned off, calmed down and taken home while I held down the fort in the classroom. I'm sure after a while, I'll be able adjust to the amount of work and loud talking I have to do every day. Right now, I feel like collapsing. Then, getting up at 6 and doing it again.


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