Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update part I

I'm dividing my return to blogging into several posts so as to have a focused narrative. After all, plenty of exciting things have been happening in my exciting life; the first of which being I found my wedding dress. Thankfully, it is not the weird Vera Wang gown pictured above, (Though I will say that my friend Lauren whose wedding was previously documented by my fabulous photojournalism had an amazing Wang gown, so I don't know what Ms. Wang was smoking when she did this one) but I cannot post a picture since my man-friend does read my blog. All I can say is that its made by a fancy designer (Jim Hjelm for those who know and care), 100% silk, has BEAUTIFUL/TASTEFUL beading, embroidery and rhinestones, a sticker price of $2,795 and was obtained by yours truly for the "Betsy Robinson Bridal" Clearance price of $249!!! Did I mention that because I'm the size of the average american woman (not too skinny, not too large, and not too "gifted-in-the bosom") it needs NO ALTERATIONS?? I guess I will have to see a seamstress to bustle the train, but *whew* I was planning all this time to get some half-assed dress in polyester from Craigslist so I wouldn't have to pay full price...(not that there's anything wrong with that, I was just looking forward to recycling something that wouldn't add to child labor abuses)... but think I won this battle in the war of me & my budget vs. the wedding industry. Now, I'm getting ready to be screwed by the caterers.


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