Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today has been a whirlwind of cleaning, emailing prospective partners-in-baby-dancing, teaching, emailing wedding vendors, and errands. My ambition in running a successful business waxes and wanes: and its probably because I really need another person's energy to inspire me. Anyway, I finally went to see the space I may lease from a nearby Methodist church (yay Methodists!) and it looks GREAT. They are in the process of re-doing the carpet and clearing out the furniture in the room, which is exactly what I need. I also get to give them a quote as to what I can "contribute". i was really impressed at how much more room was at the church than at RC, and it was so much more clean and professional-looking too.

Then I went to talk to someone in Perry Hall who runs a music studio. She was originally looking for a guitar teacher, but since I don't work for anyone anymore :), I politely declined. We are negotiating a deal for me to come in and teach Music Together, and I really hope it works out. It has also inspired me to draft an email of resignation to the head of the Peabody baby-dancing department. I haven't sent it yet, as I am waiting until some of these prospective places actually pan out. The idea of having an easier Saturday is so very sweet, and making more money for the teaching I do is as well.


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