Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kitchen Project Day 2

I realize that between facebook and babydancing there may be a redundancy of information about the kitchen but the fact is it has pervaded every aspect of our lives and will do so until its done. so.....more photos.

This is the tile that was laid today. Both Oneil and his assistant were cutting tile all day on our deck using some sort of table saw and a lot of water.

When I was a kid and my parents re-did the kitchen at 19 ridgefield ave, I walked on the tile while it set. I remember getting in a lot of trouble about it...and so those of us in the family that don't know any better must be prevented from doing so. That big ass box is a dishwasher btw....

Holes were cut into the ceiling to allow for 4 high hats. After some consideration we are going to get a fan (WITHOUT lights) to put in the kitchen for when I smoke the house out on stir fry night.


Blogger Leslie said...

O'Neill is the big joke between me and Paula - remember when I had my back spasm, and she came to take me to the doctor? Someone was fixing my air conditioning, and it was not O'Neill, but that is the name I yelled in my delirium... Now whenever I am in pain I yell "O'Neill" instead of "ouch" (or something normal like that). I'm loving seeing how the renovations are going!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Zoe said...

I think the moment you are speaking of is one of the 3830 Evergreen Ave highlights...not because of your crippling pain at the time of course...but Miss Leslie, you'll need to come over for dinner when this is all done

12:33 AM  

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