Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kitchen Project Day 3

So, Friday was a day that started way too early. AJS and I enjoyed a little too much wine at Miss T's new digs to celebrate our parallel home improvements Thursday night and were awakened on Friday not only by the alarm so I could go dance with babies, but also the contractors showing up at 8:30 to start work. I certainly appreciate their punctuality so I can get back to a life without TV dinners sooner, but the mornings when you've just gotten out of the shower and see people coming into your house while you're wearing a towel is a bit awkward.

On Friday, the beautifully cut and laid tile was grouted.

Then rather than trying to strip the two layers (at least) of wallpaper and two or three layers of paint, Oneil made the call to sheetrock over it so we'd have a smooth wall texture.

The poor doggie has not taken well to all the uproar in the house. She cannot enjoy the new cabinets, floor, appliances, lighting, extra space, and general joyous-ness that a new kitchen (or even the promise of a new kitchen) provides. So she spends her days in the man-cave helping my husband make transcriptions on finale.

I believe that our awesome contractor recognized her strife and when the basement door had to come off of its hinges to allow for better grouting/sheetrocking, he allowed for her to supervise the operations.


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