Friday, May 23, 2008

This evening, we went to the movies. I, as usual, have been a bit of a basket case for the past couple of days so tonight Andrew with the help of Joy and J gave me a pleasant diversion of the new Indiana Jones movie. J, always the best organizer for the finest social events, planned the diversion; he purchased tickets in advance, suggested we all meet at grand cru (the swanky wine bar I previously mentioned) before hand, snuck in a large bag of twizzlers, and even managed to secretly open the next bottle of wine amidst many random acquaintances (including a slightly obnoxious musicology professor from Peabody) in the theatre so we could continue our drinking during the film. While the movie had a little too much action and too many aliens for my taste, it was highly enjoyable for all.


Blogger Tenly said...

Wow. Can you get J to plan your wedding? He sounds like he'd be better at it than many professional wedding planners I know.

11:01 AM  

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