Sunday, November 02, 2008

I sent my letter of "sort-of" resignation to Peabody. Well, not the whole school, but the Early Childhood Music department. I've spent alot of energy here and on facebook complaining about getting up so early on Saturdays, teaching classes non-stop for 5 hours, and being told to my face that even if I get enough hours, I probably will never be hired as a full time employee. In contrast, I have my slightly illegal Music Together Classes. To my surprise, it is highly profitable and very fun. I have a great group of families who LOVE class, and definitely want to continue next semester. I also make as much teaching one of those classes as about 2 1/2 or 3 Peabody classes. Of course, there is alot more work involved with my own thing: advertising, returning emails constantly, buying instruments, buying insurance, etc. Now that I'm quitting Peabody, moving to a space that is far superior than RC, working on my website, and buying liability insurance (a must have in these troubled times) I am very motivated and excited about the future of my baby-dancing career.


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