Friday, November 21, 2008

I've been impressed with how well I've been able to go waste time. I suppose I did some good work today on stuff I need for my Suzuki guitar website, but that was after sleeping late and doing more unnecessary investigative work on cardstock. Am I really a lazy person? I used to be so driven and brainy, or at least I thought so...but now I seem to be unable to write with proper grammer, or have an attention span longer than 5 minutes. Am I burnt out from my years of crazy ambitious workaholism? Am I becoming soft in my old(er) age? Will I become less obsessed with finding the perfect patterned cardstock after the wedding is over? I hope so, these can't be the habits of a wealthy, successful baby-dancing guitar-teaching suburban housewife.


Blogger Ian J said...

it sounds like American Psycho when Christian Bale is obsessing over business cards:

4:48 PM  

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