Monday, March 02, 2009

Long time, no blog. Here's a quick update: as of today, our wedding is officially eight weeks away. The invitations are designed, printed, cut, glued, bows tied, envelopes stuffed, calligraphy attempted, stamps purchased, stamps applied, guest list cross-checked three times, and now sit peacefully in a box ready to be sent to our families. I lost about 10 pounds and subsequently am much better at step class. We have a great dj, photographer, food, wholesale wine and liquor, flowers and a designated professional to make sure things happen smoothly and I don't have to stress. This means, whatever happens, we'll have a great party.

On other fronts, I feel like everything else is in shambles. My blog was hacked. Its impossible to focus on anything while I'm home...only the tasks with the most pressing deadlines are completed. Simple responsibilities like doing dishes and walking the dog are huge events. I feel lazy and disorganized. Can I cut myself some slack as I enter this new chapter of my life? Is the big change distracting my already naturally scattered brain? Have I given myself too much to do? I apologize to anyone reading this if I've neglected a responsibility to cadet symptoms have kicked in.


Blogger alexis said...

you're totally going to be okay. i promise. and ask for help when you need it. it's okay. ask us. love you!

11:18 AM  

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