Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have been receiving wedding gifts! I will admit I've been slightly unprepared for the influx of home and kitchen goods to our tiny semi attached townhouse. It used to be the plan that a short time after the wedding AJS and I would undertake the exciting and stressful task of selling this home and buying a new one. As the economic forecast became more and more depressing however, (and the fact that not a small amount of AJS's income has been affected by the recent dissolve of Baltimore Opera) that idea has been scrapped. We will stay here and pay our cheap mortgage until my my suzuki-guitar-baby-dancing empire takes off. How I longed to unpack the pristine white boxes into a gleaming new kitchen with tons of storage and counter space. As we receive them, our gifts are opened to obtain the identification of the giver, who is immediately noted our RSVP list, and the beautiful box is brought upstairs to the attic to wait quietly until we become husband and wife. After the wedding I look forward to the purge of the scratched and mismatched pots, pans, plates, and electronics with these tokens of our family and friends' generosity and love.


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