Monday, December 24, 2007


Mrs. Zoe is here and we are furiously preparing a feast of delicious food and libations for ourselves and some close friends tonight. Personally, I am anxious to tear into some holiday punch, but will wait until a decent hour and pace myself. Mocha is also having the best Christmas of her young life, as she gets to be in the yard while Mrs. Zoe smokes a cigarette. The doggie has discovered how to jump over the fence and run around the neighborhood; and will do so if given the slightest opportunity to be outside and unattended. She also has been extremely interested in the packages her yia yia brought from we all are I suppose.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Many will know that my steak of productivity that was previously recorded was interrupted by a rather tragic personal event that occurred about six weeks ago. Of course, everything is now OK, I am OK, everyone else is OK and life goes on. I am however no skinner and still don't have the fugue memorized. I question my true desire to both be physically fit and learn solo repertoire. With the festivities of Xmas approaching, much of my spare time is taken up by cleaning and purchasing gifts. I have more or less completed those tasks, and will fight with my guitar to learn a complete piece. The skinny behavior will have to start after Jan 2. :)
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