Friday, May 26, 2006

Soren and Bullwinkle Wu

an obligatory cute animal picture-this must be shared with all....

E - M

This past weekend was Emily Rostetter and Brent Madsen's wedding.
(don't they look happy and in love?)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

fun in the kitchen

This delectable dish here was made by ajs and myself: a polenta with tomato sauce, gorganzola and fontina cheeses, with fresh basil and rosemary...mmmmmmmm......rosemary.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Adventures in Pittsburgh

My brother graduated from his program in Pittsburgh this weekend. This was a 9 week program to train bright young people for positions of leadership in the realm of public policy. Since I play guitar, I don't completely understand what public policy is, but I do know that on this program my brother was "hired" as a consultant for a non-profit corporation, a for profit corporation, a political campaign, and a newspaper. Anyhoo, we are all quite proud of him, and look forward to his impending employment.

The Boy's fellow graduates gallivanted late into the evening... there was table dancing (no babies though).

We also got experience some of Pittsburgh's eccentricities:

Yes, this is a church that has been converted into a brewery....very weird but also delicious. (See how confused and amazed Mrs. Zoe is...)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Old Carvina

Wednesday night was a surprise party for everyone's favorite bluegrass/Celtic/offensive songster John Matthew Cartman, who just hit the big 2-5. Many came to celebrate the birth of Cartman:

(Soren, Kang, Trackey and a mysterious Irishman...)

Note: I risked life and limb for that "appy birthda"
Deviled eggs, devil's food cake and alcohol was consumed in mass quantities...all in all "good times"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I do brunch

This is how my satuday began; with the legendary fancy pancake of my childhood. (Also called Dutch pancake? (I think?) Aside from the fact that it has only three basic ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen right now, and is basically idiot proof in its execution; it is still a triumph in my culinary evolution and must be shared with my reading public.

Baby steps....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

lampshades for everyone

Wednesday evening was Traeckey's 3rd DMA solo recital. She played the hell out of her Rodrigo, Bach, Hetu, Dyens, Villa Lobos, and silly Regondi Etude. Quickly following this profound musical experience were sandwiches that were delicious despite a lack of any meat or cheese, and way, way too much wine. Other highlights of the evening were the surprise appearance of Mrs. Zoe, and an 80's music singalong where ajs dazzled everyone with his brilliant sight-reading and keyboard skills (Quote from Mrs. Zoe: "He's such a good piano player, I mean, some of those songs had four flats!!! )

In other news, poor Soren's paw is getting better every day, and he is being such a good dog. The wound is starting to itch as it heals, and the vet prescribed the apparatus seen below:

we do not like the lampshade on our head......

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I can't do titles right now

This initial post is in existance due to several threatening emails and phone calls from my serially snacking friend umi. There will be no pictures: as that is a little too technologically advanced for me right now and for some reason I cannot seem to get it together to put batteries in my damn camera.
Minutes after Waul Pu picked me up in his phat new ride, I learned that band practice has been canceled due to a verizon man ripping something apart in Matty-J's apartment. Admitidly, this is mildly disapointing...not that I was incredibly excited to sightread some minimalist music...but the extra hour or so of sleep would have been nice. Regardless, Pu and I went to Pete's Grill, Baltimore's finest ghetto breakfast establishment to put another delicious nail in the coffin of my diet. grr.....
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