Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm back from Virginia, and it really wasn't as painful as I expected it to be. I appreciate the incredible beauty of Emory & Henry College, the great wisdom, practicality and talent of my teacher trainer as well as prevalence of grilled cheese sandwiches in the cafeteria. I've come home to a happy husband, weeds in my flower bed and a disturbing scratching behind the kitchen wall (I think its one of the stupid birds that living in our gutter who has fallen down the chimney)

The time away has provided an opportunity to reflect. I truly want to be developing my programs to their fullest extent, not only because I think what I do is marketable and potentially profitable, but because I really think its good for the world for kids to play music well and enjoy it. I also truly enjoy it.

Nothing worthwhile has ever come without hard work and mistakes.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I heart the wok we received as a wedding gift; its been used at least three times a week since it was bestowed upon us. My husband is maybe becoming slightly weary of my attempts to perfect my stir fry technique, but I can't help it. It makes a quick, sort-of-guilt-free dinner that doesn't heat up the whole house as June burns on. I really do want to cook as much as possible, not just for financial incentives but because its fun. I'm discovering it requires extra planning at the grocery store, as well as during day to day life while preparing said meals. My desire to be a responsible person is outweighing my desire to be lazy and eat Baja Fresh. For now.

Friday, June 05, 2009

I've decided to practice again. Not solo guitar music, of course, but my quartet parts in earnest. Its embarrassing to even write this, as I suppose its assumed I was practicing furiously all along, but the fact is I wasn't. I would look over music when necessary, but the fact is, after being punched in the face two years ago by my inadequacies, it felt really hard to play the guitar without getting very angry and sad. Now, I'm working hard on my parts b/c its my JOB. We (1 east g q ) have new music by famous (only to guitarists) composers. We are on the brink (past the brink actually, and now tiptoeing nervously on the surface) of an opportunity that could really be great. And our CD is coming out soon. Not the greatest guitar quartet CD ever, but one that is actually recorded, edited, mixed, and professionally pressed with kickass artwork. Having attempted the process a few times before, I realize what feat that is in and of itself. I am truly proud of its mere existence.
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