Thursday, February 24, 2011

There are a zillion things I should do but right now, but I am blogging. I'm also easting too much garlic-broccoli pasta. And drinking wine. And watching Grey's Anatomy. All of these are fun things and perhaps regrettable tomorrow, but at this moment, are what I can focus on.

I've gotten some fancy material possessions in the last week. Sometimes I get a little nervous about my conspicuous consumption, but if its tax deductible its ok, right?

Here's the first exciting item:

If I were cooler, I could embed it, but I'm not. I haven't yet stood on top of my now un-godly expensive guitar. I also haven't thrown it off a roof or out the back of a moving car. Or driven the car on top of it. But if I have to do any of these things, it will be ok.

I've also just obtained a very fancy new computer. And just obtained means a few hours ago. My trusty previously-blogged-about macbook pro died three weeks ago and I've been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the new refresh to get a new one. And it is here :)

Running a "business" means I am on my computer ALL the time. I design posters. I update my website. I email parents CONSTANTLY. And I need to edit video and audio. So while I could get by without a 17" quad core 750GB hard drive macbook pro...its easier and cleaner to have the right tools.
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