Saturday, August 19, 2006

Camp Lee!

To further update my pathetic blogging, I will share my experiences at Camp Lee Canyon. This is actually quite a cool deal; an arts camp in the mountains of nevada where kids ages 8 - 13 can learn art, dance, guitar (with me!) and drama. It is a bit of a challenge as a guitar teacher, I get 20 8-year-olds at a time followed by 20 9-year-olds, 20 ten-year-olds...etc. In this picture, if you look very closely, they all have picks attached to their foreheads.

We learned all the favorites...the little ones strummed fast and slow, and the best of the bunch got to play and sing some beatles and a weezer song. I helped the art teacher and some of the kids make a maze out of pinecones and rocks:

And did my best to avoid the wild horses...they're quite beautiful, but being from Shaolin, what the hell do I know about horses?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


So, in the spirit of my other now-obsolete postings: I would like to share my very first youth hostel experience. (to get a cheaper flight I had to spend a couple of extra days before camp in fabulous Las Vegas) Keep in mind that at the age of 27, I'm not sure I'm exactly as youthful as I need to be...and I also had to stretch the truth about my student status. My greatest fear with this particular adventure was rooming with smelly europeans.

In reality, they smelled very nice but were just a little messy. (which is fine by me)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

4th of July (rather late)

Due to computer issues, travelling, and the lack of air conditioning in my office I have been unable to post. All of those issues, thankfully have been resolved, and I am back to sharing the intimate details of my fabulous life. I have to backpedal to the beginning of last month, (yes, I know its pathetic) with the second bbq of 3830's history. The fam arrived that morning; but the guest list was small; esides Trackey, Courtney and her new woman, and the ever faithful Pukikos everyone else seemed to be somewhere other than b-more. But much food was consumed by all:

which tired most of us out:

After pork roasts/ horesraddish, corn, bean salad, and far too much beer we decided that the only thing we could do to properly celebrate the birth of our nation was play SORRY.
I will allow the reader to construct his or her timeline of events:

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