Sunday, September 28, 2008

I feel like I am spending tons of time perusing the internet and not enough making decisions. So, I will book our nice caterer, and start collecting addresses for Save the Dates. Its a little scary to start spending all that money, but it will be a nice feeling to get the ball rolling too.

In other news, we are getting sick here. There are alot of sniffles, sneezes and nose blowing. It started out being mostly Andrew, but of course I've caught it too, and am looking forward to a week of concerts, late night recording sessions, and crammed teaching schedules. I've also forgotten to change my strings...oy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am becoming pretty damn sure that I want to do my own flowers at the wedding. Maybe not the bouquets and bouts, but it seems to me that with some practice, organization, help on the Thursday afternoon before I can make 10- 15 centerpieces happen.

One of my choices are to arrange the flowers. This entails ordering them online, cutting the stems properly, finding them a temperature where they are happy and plopping them in a vase (rectangular with stones to hide floral foam I think) I imagine something taller and skinner than this picture. And without those stupid leaves and brown ribbon.

Or grow them. I feel that if I grow my own centerpieces for my own wedding I can proudly take my place among the Johnstone hortaculturalists.

If the latter occurs, vistors to 3830 should be prepared for lots and lots of pots growning flowers. Please be sure to take your Zyrtec before entering.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tomorrow we choose a caterer. This will be a relief, as I have been worried about the cost and quality of the food at our wedding for weeks, and with a decision made at least it will be out of my control. Mrs. Zoe is coming down to Baltimore to offer her expertise and negotiating powers.

In other news, I am settling into a new schedule where I am driving ALOT less and spending way more time emailing and calling students in my office. Its peaceful I suppose rather profitable. My MT classes have great enrollment, and I am suprised at how much per class I am actually earning. Of course, I need to invest in some better instruments, advertising, etc. but it really is nice to work for myself.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AND, speaking of wedding stuff, it is time to start getting serious. My success from Jan - March in losing weight on weight-watchers was set back by my "sort of keeping track". Now, I'm seriously worried about fitting into the beautiful dress I got. So...I actually made my zero point soup and am going to track my food today. and tomorrow. and every flipping day until I can really feel good about my progress. *sigh*

Now that I found my dress, my new obsession is invitations. It seems silly to obsess so much over this with so much time before the wedding but some of the bridal party is wanting to buy their plane tickets now...we feel the need to send out Save the Date cards soon. can I possibly send out Save the Date cards if they don't coordinate perfectly with the formal invitations/bridesmaids dresses and flowers? Anyway, I am spending an embarassing amount of time researching this stuff and found these . They are handmade (i.e. supporting a real person), unique, they are giving away an entire wedding suite for a lucky blogging bride-to-be. If anyone else wants a chance to win look at their blog:

Maybe I'll win!
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