Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today has been a whirlwind of cleaning, emailing prospective partners-in-baby-dancing, teaching, emailing wedding vendors, and errands. My ambition in running a successful business waxes and wanes: and its probably because I really need another person's energy to inspire me. Anyway, I finally went to see the space I may lease from a nearby Methodist church (yay Methodists!) and it looks GREAT. They are in the process of re-doing the carpet and clearing out the furniture in the room, which is exactly what I need. I also get to give them a quote as to what I can "contribute". i was really impressed at how much more room was at the church than at RC, and it was so much more clean and professional-looking too.

Then I went to talk to someone in Perry Hall who runs a music studio. She was originally looking for a guitar teacher, but since I don't work for anyone anymore :), I politely declined. We are negotiating a deal for me to come in and teach Music Together, and I really hope it works out. It has also inspired me to draft an email of resignation to the head of the Peabody baby-dancing department. I haven't sent it yet, as I am waiting until some of these prospective places actually pan out. The idea of having an easier Saturday is so very sweet, and making more money for the teaching I do is as well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, after much research I have come upon what I think will be the perfect compromise for our flower situation. As we know, I am a little on the cheap side and desperately wanted to keep the flower budget in the hundreds rather than the thousands. I also know that while being slightly crafty and resourceful, I am also a bit disorganized and stressful. The last two attributes are what I feared in my DIY flower idea...the day before the wedding is already scheduled from 11:30 on and I had no idea how the hell I was going to handle putting all this together. Then I found a truly down to earth florist in VA who ships pre made bouquets and boutonnieres; and for centerpieces, I'll receive the arrangements pre made which I need to arrange in a vase. She has relationships with flower farms, so manages to bypass the wholesalers. Best of all, I gave her a figure and and I got everything for the amount I quoted! She sent me a photo of a bouquet for another client thats similar to the one I want: mine will have sweetpea and peonies though.

It was a little hard to let the DIY thing go, but I think its for the best. I have the invitations on my plate though...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I feel really off today. Some of it has been some intestinal issues that I blame Red Maple for (although who knows), and it includes a general sinking feeling. I just want to lie down and go to sleep. But I have so much work to do, but I want to lie down and go to sleep. sigh.

Even though everyone is busy tonight and cannot come for debates/PR finale I did manage to get some sqash soup in the slow cooker. This time I'm using acorn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For no good reason other than to have a fabulous evening, Andrew and I are going to Red Maple. The executive chef is a contestant in the new season of Top Chef, part of our Bravo reality TV obsession, and we plan to check the food out first hand.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is called a gocco. I had never heard or thought about such things until I began wanting to save some cash on my invites. Anyway, its a tiny ink printing press with which you can make relativley professional looking prints like this.

I have been harassing my artsy friends to find one that I can borrow to do the invitations. I would buy one, but we all know I'm not a girl who is driven to artistic visions without some sort of monetary if I did actually purchase one I would probably stash it in my closet starting May 3rd. Anyhoo, I've been scoping them out...and they're really hard to find. Goccos are made in Japan and were recently threatened extinction by the manufacturer. I've been on i-stock photo looking for nice flowery designs and have found about 100. Anyway, I worry that I'll be biting off more than I can chew with this but I really think with the time commitment it can happen and I'll save alot of money doing my very own thing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here it is...the paint chip we've been waiting for so my bridesmaids can go shopping. Because they are all beautiful girls of different heights and figure types and I don't want to "match" on my wedding day when I haven't done so any other day of my life, I came to the decision that they should pick out their own dress. Then, when I got my dress that is not all white, that in fact has some blue on it, decided the color the bridesmaids would wear. Then...realizing how hard it will be to find nice dresses in the same exact color without having to resort to a bridal shop I came up with the brilliant idea (if I don't say so myself) of finding a paint chip from a hardware store that everyone could use as a guide for the color. The 2nd lightest shade is the one on my dress. My ladies can find any formal dress of any of the other colors. I think the overall effect will be extremely pretty, and I am thrilled and everyone (myself included) will wear a dress they feel fantastic in.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So...after much stress and heartache we have arrived at our nearly perfect rehearsal dinner solution. We wanted to do the traditional "invite everyone who came from far away and the bridal party" but since thats about 75% of the guest list, it just wasn't going to happen. I then began the hunt for a location where we could have some beer, wine and light orderves so people can greet each other. Holy crap was that hard. We had to stay away from bars b/c of the amount of kids present, so I looked high and low at all sorts of alternative venues (the maryland fire museum, the hippodrome theatre) and found nothing that wouldn't completly break our budget. Until I actually considered hotels near the Evergreen House. I held the assumption that hotel "event" rooms tend to be depressing, poorly carpeted, and kind of stinky; however the Colonnade Hotel near Hopkins has a room that has a whole wall of glass that opens into a patio. Its perfect; convienent for people coming from out of town and not depressing OR stinky...although the carpet is still kind of ugly.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


After reading my previous posts, I became sad that instead of clever commentary on subjects like my cooking, the dog, and baby-dancing I spend my blogging energy re-affirming my "commitment"to weight loss. So, I am pouring that energy into a different blog that people can view or ignore at will. I intend to get back to cooking and dogs here...the weddings stuff will continue until May.
I feel stupid typing this but I suppose I have to: I am starting weight watchers again. I don't have the same intense drive to get back on track that I did at the beginning of the year...but I feel my waist expanding and my face getting fat: its not good. I was never one to really embrace long term: my innate impatience prevents me from digging my heels into a lot of projects but i HAVE to make this happen. its good for my health and my wedding.

Friday, October 03, 2008

aaauugghh!! I just realized today that there are only 7 months left before the wedding! There is so much shit I have to organize its making my head spin. First, the save-the-dates. After more consultation with AJS than I originally planned, we agreed to send postcards: cheap postage, cheap printing, and custom options.

These are what I've come up with.

postcard A

postcard B

postcard C

If anyone out there has strong opinions about these fabulous designs and/or my fabulous design ability, I encourage you to share. But, these babies are going to print soon!

My other accomplishment is creating the wedding website. That will be a larger task than these silly postcards as I need photos of the bridal party, information about hotels, and to organize the martini poll. (more on that to come)
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