Friday, January 25, 2008

This morning I am victim to the after-effects of either the "powerhouse" sandwich (a diet-friendly wrap with lettuce, cucumbers and sprouts) or the cole slaw. I had just started to work through my issues of the vermin and cranky service at the Owl Bar, but this possible exposure to e.coli has set back my progress quite a bit. Whats worse, is that I have a rather fabulous day planned with my man be followed by an hour of teaching, Wall Pu's rehearsal dinner, and then a girls night. I continue to work hard to overcome this setback...and am forced to sit in bed and watch LOST. Life is hard

Sunday, January 13, 2008

As of about 6:20 we are the happy new recipiants of a lovely new upright piano. After much bitching and moaning, both elderly ex hippie with a frizzy white ponytail and bad teeth and his strapping young hispanic helper brought the goddam thing under the deck, down the 4 concrete steps and steep stairwell, through the unfinished area of the basement and into Andrew's office. With the new futon, piano, and Andrew's computer...I've teased that he'll never leave that room again.

Friday, January 11, 2008


The sun has just broken a dark and stormy day and my productivity has begun as a result. Today is the first of my six week guitar class I began at the bookstore down the street....and I must compile my little song books of Beatles, Weezer, and Green Day tunes with accompanying chord charts, as well as burn CDs of this wonderful music. It looks like I have a large group of interested people, which, surprisingly enough makes the class profitable, and also increases the chance that a few people will be interested in private lessons after its all over. I am optimistic going into this class today, and in other news, still eating way too many vegetables and rice cakes.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 has been pretty good so far. It began with me ACCIDENTLY getting a little too drunk at a NYE party where the owl bar and guitar studio collided...Therefore the beginning of the year was actually a bit confusing and later painful, but for the rest of it I have been engaging in very skinny behavior. I have managed keep track of my food since wednesday, and I'm afraid to admit this, but have been feeling pretty good not eating so much greasy food and sugar. There is also a funny side effect of the food journaling that one has to do: the way I am held accountable for my actions on the internet modifies my behavior in real life as well. I'm finally on my way to finishing the fugue, I'm much better about taking my thyroid, and taking control of my future (vauge, I know but I'm afraid to include details at this point)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year

It seems to me that part of the reason the beginning of a new year brings new goals of weight loss is not only the concept of a new beginning, but also that many of us have binged so much during christmas that we are craving a detox. Today, I rejoined weight watchers, and am now counting my points AGAIN. Frankly, in the past that program didn't work for me; I gave up after about two weeks and have gained even more weight than my original max. I would however, lie to the computer about how much I ate or drank...I see the foolishness of my ways, and I'm hoping that my older age and improved culinary skills will help make things that actually taste good. The goal that the computer assigned me is 126 pounds. That is absurd...I might have weighed that much at age 10. I'm going to go for 10 pounds and see what happens. Now if only the damn hopkins gym would open.
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