Friday, May 23, 2008

This evening, we went to the movies. I, as usual, have been a bit of a basket case for the past couple of days so tonight Andrew with the help of Joy and J gave me a pleasant diversion of the new Indiana Jones movie. J, always the best organizer for the finest social events, planned the diversion; he purchased tickets in advance, suggested we all meet at grand cru (the swanky wine bar I previously mentioned) before hand, snuck in a large bag of twizzlers, and even managed to secretly open the next bottle of wine amidst many random acquaintances (including a slightly obnoxious musicology professor from Peabody) in the theatre so we could continue our drinking during the film. While the movie had a little too much action and too many aliens for my taste, it was highly enjoyable for all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I had my last Wednesday morning baby dancing stint at the prep today. I was greeted by tiny pianists who were having an adjudication in my classroom. I had to wait until some small child wearing a soccer uniform finished playing 5 note scales to obtain my dancing scarves, eggshakers, sticks and triangles to teach my very important classes to the privileged young children affiliated with Johns Hopkins University.

This evening, due partly to a terribly aching left hand I decided not to practice and instead to make an elaborate dinner; namely, a potato, beet, mushroom casserole. I've made it before and had forgotten that it takes no less than five pots from start to finish. One must boil beets, boil potatoes, mash potatoes, saute mushrooms and shallots; and then make a tasty neon pink mix of beets, half & half, horseradish and mustard in a thickened stock of vegetable broth and flour. Then one is to compile afore mentioned ingredients into an appealing sundae - type design and bake for 30 minutes at 350. It is actually very tasty and ALMOST worth the effort, although I accidentally drank almost an entire bottle of wine during the process.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I guess I should feel ready for my trial class tomorrow, but despite the fact I've done countless babydancing classes for the masses I am very much on edge about this one. Is it bad that I have not yet set up a business bank account? Do people not trust writing checks to individuals? Does my registration form look ghetto? What should I call my program officially? Why won't Music Together write me back about anything? Don't they know I"m freaked? Why are people trying to come to TWO trial classes? I can only imagine what this would be like for a new least I've been dancing for the benefit of others for 5+ years and feel pretty confident about my teaching abilities. This better be worth it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I feel a slight paralysis at the moment...its so easy to sit on my ass and waste time on the Internet and so hard to get into gear and do what I have to. I wish I could be more consistent with these matters. I have a lot of cleaning to accomplish, I have paperwork to file, and I have work to do on both Music Together stuff and my website. I also have to practice and exercise. And read "History Boys" before Friday evening. Isn't it funny how almost every single blog entry I have is about this? The fact of the matter is, when I get desperate, I whine about my procrastination on the Internet and hope my friends and family who choose to read this are secretly holding me accountable somewhere in cyberspace. You all are, aren't you? Lucky for me, the new podcast of "This American Life" has just been delivered to my itunes. Here I go...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Today, May 2nd is our future anniversary. It was an absolutely perfect day in B-more, a great contrast to the worrisome rain and cloudiness that occurred this past week. I am doing a little sun-dance in preparation for the weather a year from today (that our beautiful outdoor ceremony won't be rained out), and spending many hours looking at wedding dresses online (but naturally, not yet making an appointment to try anything on). I obsess about the wedding WAY more than I thought I would. Oh well. It will only happen once...

I will be meeting Andrew tonight at Grand Cru (pictured above), our slightly fabulous b-more wine bar after he is finished with his penultimate Peabody Renaissance Ensemble Concert. Currently, there are many aspects to my life that provide me with happiness and confidence. I secretly enjoy counting them one by one in my head and wonder how I deserved all of this.
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