Thursday, March 19, 2009

wheeeee! I made a stunning realization that Flower Mart will be happening during our wedding weekend. This fact was acknowleged previously with accompanying curses and dissapointment due to the fact that it makes our very favorite Mount Vernon neighborhood with all of its fun bars and restaurants inacessabile. (aka no parking because of everyone and their tent). However, some people who actually read my blog regularly (despite the inconsistant posting) remember the idea of hydrangea buckets. What if instead of buckets of flowers filled with flowers and floral foam that I have to pay for and will die later, are replaced with living flowers in pots! That I can give away after the wedding! Brilliant!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have been receiving wedding gifts! I will admit I've been slightly unprepared for the influx of home and kitchen goods to our tiny semi attached townhouse. It used to be the plan that a short time after the wedding AJS and I would undertake the exciting and stressful task of selling this home and buying a new one. As the economic forecast became more and more depressing however, (and the fact that not a small amount of AJS's income has been affected by the recent dissolve of Baltimore Opera) that idea has been scrapped. We will stay here and pay our cheap mortgage until my my suzuki-guitar-baby-dancing empire takes off. How I longed to unpack the pristine white boxes into a gleaming new kitchen with tons of storage and counter space. As we receive them, our gifts are opened to obtain the identification of the giver, who is immediately noted our RSVP list, and the beautiful box is brought upstairs to the attic to wait quietly until we become husband and wife. After the wedding I look forward to the purge of the scratched and mismatched pots, pans, plates, and electronics with these tokens of our family and friends' generosity and love.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I knew one of the problems with our date would be its proximity to tax time. I HATE tax time. Last year was more fun since I wasn't quite so self employed, I was able to get quite a nice refund. This year I wasn't quite as organized and have to do the very awful back tracking; going over credit card statements, bank statements, remembering what to look for, whats deductible, etc. Also, since AJS and I have completely combined our bank accounts as of January (besides my business account), I'll have to be extra organized about what I've spent and what he's spent for NEXT year. I'm certainly better at this then the first disastrous
H & R block situation of 5 years ago, but its so much easier to procrastinate on wedding blogs than figure this crap out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stress! Six weeks! I just need to take this one step at a time I guess. How do people get married and have full time jobs? Maybe they don't procrastinate and actually make execute their decisions. Or maybe they go to city hall. Or vegas. These all sound like fabulous ideas. arg.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Long time, no blog. Here's a quick update: as of today, our wedding is officially eight weeks away. The invitations are designed, printed, cut, glued, bows tied, envelopes stuffed, calligraphy attempted, stamps purchased, stamps applied, guest list cross-checked three times, and now sit peacefully in a box ready to be sent to our families. I lost about 10 pounds and subsequently am much better at step class. We have a great dj, photographer, food, wholesale wine and liquor, flowers and a designated professional to make sure things happen smoothly and I don't have to stress. This means, whatever happens, we'll have a great party.

On other fronts, I feel like everything else is in shambles. My blog was hacked. Its impossible to focus on anything while I'm home...only the tasks with the most pressing deadlines are completed. Simple responsibilities like doing dishes and walking the dog are huge events. I feel lazy and disorganized. Can I cut myself some slack as I enter this new chapter of my life? Is the big change distracting my already naturally scattered brain? Have I given myself too much to do? I apologize to anyone reading this if I've neglected a responsibility to cadet symptoms have kicked in.
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